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Playing live on the radio in Seattle

Playing live on the radio in Seattle

About Me

I've recently graduated from the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA, where my thesis work explored novel reactive and interactive musical applications. I co-published a paper on 3-D tangible interfaces which won an honorable mention at CHI Conference in 2016.

I graduated from University of California at Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (w/ honors) and a minor in computer Engineering. I then moved to San Francisco and worked in industry for a Geo technical company as an engineer, and started a publishing company with a band I cofounded, called Sleepy Sun, which put out 4 albums that I co-wrote we then completed 9 European tours, 1 Australian tour and 10 North American tours in support of our music. I play drums in the band and also co-write the music. I also tutor math and physics through multi-variable calculus. I've also been an electronics teacher at TechShop, a maker space in San Francisco. I also consult on various prototyping projects. 

A link to my Resume: here