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Playing live on the Radio in Seattle

Playing live on the Radio in Seattle

About Me

I've recently graduated from the MIT Media Lab where I was advised by Eran Egozy and Joe Paradiso for my thesis work regarding novel reactive musical applications. I worked on research that varied from Javascript data visualization, data science in Python, and reactive music hardware and software in Pure Data, among other things. I co-published a paper on 3-D tangible interfaces which won an honorable mention at CHI Conference in 2016. I also prototyped hardware, including the design and layout of printed circuit boards. 

I graduated from University of California at Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (w/ honors) and a minor in computer Engineering. I then moved to San Francisco and worked in industry for a Geo technical company as an engineer, and started a publishing company with a band I co-founded, called Sleepy Sun, which put out 4 albums that I co-wrote we then completed 9 European tours, 1 Australian tour and 10 North American tours in support of our music. I play drums in the band and also co-write the music. I also tutor math and physics through multi-variable calculus. (Tutor Profile). Most recently I've been teaching micro controller classes at TechShop, a maker space in San Francisco. I teach all levels of Micro Controllers and also consult on various prototyping projects. 

For fun I like writing music, enjoying San Francisco, and hiking. I walk around as much as possible in new cities while on tour. While walking around I like to take photos with my digital or 35mm film camera. I also like to surf, bike, run and play my guitar. 


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