AudioSpine - A Digitally Augmented Hard Bound Book


I was approached by the owner of a record label about a project she had recently gotten the rights for. She wanted to create a new product to sell at her All Tomorrows Parties music festivals, which are held around the world, the the UK, US, JAPAN, SPAIN and ICELAND.

The client wanted a prototype for a hardbound book, a biography of the jazz musician Art Pepper where the spine of the book would contain an .mp3 player so that the reader could plug their headphones into an audio jack in the spine. The audio player needed to be flush with the spine, not generate large amounts of heat, and needed an SD card slot and audio jack.

I teamed up with a designer friend Andrew Putnam and delivered the prototype in February 2013 to the client. The final design contained a small arduino that interfaced with buttons and sent simple commands to the audio player, a breakout module for the VS1000 audio player, and a charging circuit for an on board LiPo battery. Please see photo gallery above for views into the prototyping process.