Electronics Instructor at TechShop SF

I've been teaching electronics at TechShop SF for almost 2 years. I teach students with backgrounds ranging from developer to no tech background how to solder, read schematics, breadboard circuits and code firmware. I've had nuclear scientists sitting next to a 12 year old in my class. I teach the following classes:

Arduino 1 - Building the Bare Bones Board - Learn basic electronics concepts and micro controller basics and solder together an Arduino microcontroller, then learn how to upload code to it.

Arduino 2 - Programming and using the Bare Bones Board - Learn to build circuits and in parallel write code that senses and actuates.

Arduino 3 - Programming - Advanced programming concepts, arrays, libraries, data structures, embedded specific issues.

Arduino 4 - Displays - learn to to add an LCD screen to your project and draw pictures and display sensor results.

Arduino 5 - Inputs - More in depth data acquisition and sensor work

Arduino 6 - Outputs - Learn how to work with relays, servo motors, MOSFETs.

Students learn how to interface their micro controllers with Nokia 2-D LCD screens, how to drive motors, and RGB LED's, sense light, sound, capacitive touch. Beginning and intermediate programming concepts and circuit basics. Each class is 3 hours long and is hands on. The students get to keep all of their components they build with to take home.

One of the benefits of being an instructor is that I get to take free classes. I've taken a laser cutting class, a 3-d printing class, a CNC milling class, a wood shop class, etc. Another benefit is meeting people working on cool projects and helping them see their ideas through.