I am a Tutor For Hire in the Bay Area. I've also tutored via Skype while on tour. 

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Member Since: October, 2011

Gender: Male

Preferred Subjects: , CalculusDifferential EquationsGeometryPre-CalculusTrigonometryPhysics

Education:2007 UC Santa Cruz graduate in Electrical Engineering (with honors) and a minor in Computer Engineering.

Experience:One of my jobs while in college was a math tutor. Students would drop in seeking help in pre-calc, single variable calculus and multivariable calculus. I really enjoy tutoring and am an approachable guy. I studied for a summer at Cambridge university. 

I'm also a touring musician, drummer while I'm not working as an electrical engineer in San Francisco.

Hobbies:Biking, Drumming, Reading, Surfing


(5/5 stars) Brian is an BC Calculus tutor. He is intelligent, gentle and kind. His ability to break down a very difficult subject into manageable little pieces is what makes him a perfect match for my high school junior. He makes calculus "fun" again. We are very lucky to have found him. 
Posted over 1 year ago by Jean L.

(5/5 stars) Brian started tutoring our son in 9th grade math and physics about a month ago. Our son's overall grade was a C in physics. Since working with Brian he has brought his grade up to an A, just took a test last week and got a 95.5% and most importantly, enjoys working with Brian and has a much better understanding of his math and physics material. A pleasure to work with and would highly recommend.
Posted 9 months ago by Teri m.