Rolls – A device and interface designed to teach beginning and advanced drumming concepts and to act as a a new type of metronome for musicians

This project is more of a traditional product. A sensor, most likely a piezo, with surrounding conditioning circuitry would be embedded into a  reusable gel pad that could stick on various surfaces. The user could stick the pad on a snare drum head, or their desk, wherever they want to practice drums. Through a wireless link to a smartphone, PC, or modular device, the signals would be transmitted to a computer program that would interpret the patterns of vibration as drum hits or drum rolls. This device would be more sensitive than traditional drum transducers, so that more complicated drum techniques such as rolling the sticks and rim shots could be quantified and meaningful feedback could be given to the student.

The computer interface would sync up the drum signals to allow real time feedback to the user. Pre-selected songs could be loaded and the music would be annotated via colors and symbols showing where the drummers needs to speed up or slow down. An added feature would be a 'swingable' metronome that is adjustable. Swing refers to elongating or shortening certain notes to create a lilt to the feel of a song. Electronic music is limited in that it is difficult to account for a drummers swing, which one could argue is a very important element of many modern types of music today. The Rolls device would allow a drummer to rehearse songs to a special swing sensitive metronome.

This device could fit in your pocket and interface with your smart phone, allowing you to practice drums anywhere you can stick the sensor. Songs could be practiced and recorded on the go.